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      HRW S.R.L.
      HRW Rubber Hoses - Gallarate (VA) - Italy
      HRW S.r.l.
      • pressure washer hoses
      • high abrasion resistance hoses
      • CXT3 triple braid hydraulic hoses


      Hydraulic hoses
      Hydraulic fittings
      Processing machines
      Industrial hoses

      Pressure washer hoses …

      Download latest catalogues …

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      - Braided
      - Spiral
      - Textile

      - Up to 400 bar
      - T max 155 °C
      - Blue & black

      Hydraulic fittings

      - SAE DIN/EN ISO
      - Up to 700 Bar
      - Food grade

      - Crimping
      - Cutting
      - Skive

      CR-100HD Video tutorial
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      HRW S.r.l.
      Via Marsala 40/C
      21013 Gallarate (VA) - Italy
      VAT: IT03224930127
      RAE: VA0333353

      What We Do
      - hydraulic hoses
      - fittings
      - industrial hoses
      - hose processing machines

      Contact us
      On-line: contact page
      Email: info@hrw-web.it
      Fax: +39 0332 1800936
      HRW sito Italiano

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